Your account security Account Security

We know how important account security is to you, and we've taken several steps to help keep your Tropikia Payments account information secure. There are also some steps you can take to protect your personal information and your account.

Protecting your account

Keep your account and identity safe by choosing your user ID and password carefully, watching for fake email, and using online protection software. When you add a new bank account to your Tropikia Payments account, we take steps to be sure the bank account is active and valid. once the verification is complete and If all three information entered is correct, your bank account becomes a valid payment method.

Password Security

When you're logging in to your account, we take precautions to protect your account. First, whenever you log in to your Tropikia account, you log in using a secure server connection (https://). We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with 128 bit encryption, the industry standard in secure server protection.

Your account is also protected by a unique password created by you. You should not use common words or phrases as your password. Instead, your password should be at least six characters comprising both numbers and letters in both upper and lower case. We also recommend that you keep this password confidential. Sharing your password can compromise the security of your Tropikia account.

Know what makes for a bad password.

Because the attacks described above are becoming increasingly more common, you don't want to use anything in your password that's personal and easy to guess. Keep in mind the following don'ts:

  • Don't use only letters or only numbers.
  • Don't use names of spouses, children, girlfriends/boyfriends or pets.
  • Don't use phone numbers, Social Security numbers or birth dates.
  • Don't use the same word as your log-in, or any variation of it.
  • Don't use any word that can befound in the dictionary — even foreign words.
  • Don't use passwords with double letters or numbers.

Some of the worst passwords are: password, FOOD, admin, 4321, 1234567, and the name of your company or department. Finally, never leave it blank. That's a surefire way to let the bad guys into your system.