Return Policy

Return Policy

Return policy differ from seller to seller, all buyers are required to read the return policy before buying.

All sellers on are required to specify a return policy, whether a seller policy is to accept returns or not. We encourage you to offer a buyer clear return policy. This can help you qualify for Tropikia's most trusted sellers and best rating  attracting more buyers. Accepting returns can also provide your buyers with a way to resolve concerns without filing a dispute case. Having a clear and friendly return policy increases the buyers trust and the likelihood to buy from you, even though most buyers will never return an item. We've found that sellers with clear return policies typically sell better and are more likely to build lasting relationship with the buyers.

If you accept returns, a buyer can return an item for any reason, including when they change their mind about a purchase—as long as the return meets the return requirements—for example, returning an item within your stated time frame, and meeting item condition requirements.

Important to Know : Even if you specify "no returns accepted," the item could still be returned if it doesn't match the item description. The item description submitted by the seller must be accurate. The recommendations and instructions on this page are for sellers who handle returns outside of the Tropikia .com.

Recommendations to increase your sales

  • Offer incentive to buyers
  • Don't charge unreasonable fees such as restocking fee. If you do charge a restocking fee, be sure to select a reasonable amount and please specify it on your return policies.
  • Offer to pay return shipping costs and to refund original shipping costs when the item is defective or it was damaged during the shipping process.
  • Provide clear, easy-to-follow instructions for returns in the return policy details section of the listing form. Don't include this information in your item description where buyers may not see it.

Set a reasonable expectation for when a return will be processed and the money refunded back into the buyer's account. Depending on the payment method, the time frame for a return to be issued should normally not exceed 3 to 7 business days.

Also it’s helpful to:

Keep a valid return address on file and update your return address

Misuse of return policy by Buyers

Tropikia encourages the seller to work with the buyer in case of concern. Most issues happen because of miscommunication and misunderstanding, to help protect seller from poor buyer practices, wait until you've received a returned item before issuing a refund. If seller feels that the buyer didn’t respect the purchase agreement or the item has been returned in a different condition or the item is not within your specified return policy, be sure to work with your buyer to find a mutual solution that both of you can agree on. If you encounter a buyer who is unwilling to follow your return policy, you can contact us at